Who We Are

In the fall of 2007, our founder began teaching English as a second language at a Tulsa area college. As she began interacting with hundreds of international students and immigrants from all over the world, the Lord burdened her heart with the need to reach them for Christ. However, realizing that she could not possibly reach all of the internationals on her own, she began speaking to other Christ-followers about the need to reach the international community for Christ, and then began to recruit them to join in God’s work among the internationals living in our nation. Soon, God had brought together a team of committed believers with a burning desire to bring His hope to those who have never heard – and yet who live right here in our backyard. 


In 2010, we founded our organization and it began functioning as a non-profit organization, led by a Board of Directors. A volunteer leadership team began overseeing various branches of ministry and leading the nearly 50 volunteers who regularly participate in ministering to the international community. As a result of the efforts of these committed workers, we have touched the lives of hundreds of international students and immigrants from over 75 different nations, sharing the gospel with many who had never before even so much as heard the name of Jesus. 


As we moves into the future, we desire to recruit more believers to join us in bringing the gospel to the nations living among us, so that we will be able to reach many more for Christ. 


Will you join us in reaching the nations for Christ? 


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